Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD)

Location: Philippines

KDP-28 HDD machine which equipped with Cummins (China)132kW diesel engine which provide 280kN (28MT) fullback and thrust force, 10,000N.m spindle torque force, 0-56 (low) and 0-112 rpm spindle speed, 73mm diameter drill rod, 130mm diameter direction guiding drilling head, 325mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 720mm,830mm diameter reamers

It also includes: reamers (7), connecting pipes (120), front Joint, Clip tile, Guide blade, Guide blade, concave, hinge joint, convex die,hinge joint, centralizer, V-type seal, upper cooper gasket board, down cooper gasket board, Water joint, Intermediate shaft, roll wheel assy, roll wheel shaft, Drill head (6), Swivel, Flat nut, bolt pin, hand switch,. including purchase documents.
external mobile water tank and pump

TEL: 632-421-0220 Philippines   Email: HDDTechnologies@gmail.com

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