Car Carrier Truck

Car transporting semi-trailer

Location: China

Product characteristics:

Expansion shaft: When loading, the shaft tire extends to both sides to enlarge the passage width inside the vehicle. The inside width is sufficient for safe access of the vehicle of large width. After loading, the shaft will retract to the original position. This structure solves the current technical puzzle that the domestic low chassis car transporting semi-trailers must be super-wide.

Multi-function: There are five movable platforms for the upper and lower layers. The height of the upper platform can be adjusted. You can adjust the height and angle according to the loading demand to make full use of the space of the semi-trailer. There is a movable pulling tray on the rear platform end of the upper layer which can increase the loading length. The trailer is used to transport not only passenger car but also van, MPV and Jeep and so on.

Light structure: The trussed construction for the complete vehicle with the frame bearing the weight as a whole without girder work possessed by the conventional semi-trailer. The self weight is lighter than the same type of vehicle by about 30%.

Economical property: The relatively light self weight, lower travel fuel consumption. The trailer can accommodate one more passenger car than the conventional car transporting semi-trailer and create better economic benefits.

Safe and convenient operation: The lifting controls of all movable platforms adopt press button operation. The press button is laid out near the lifting device for distinct observation and accurate operation.

Hydraulic leg: The hydraulic leg can also be used as the jack for maintenance of the tire coordinating with the shaft extension.

Suspension system: Coordinating with the unique suspended system with underneath type of leaf spring, tapered leaf spring and low chassis, the ride performance is perfect

Spring board: Safe and reliable Aluminum alloy spring board of light weight and convenient handling.

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