Flatbed Trucks

Low flatbed semi-trailer

Location: China

Detailed introduction

The product of low flatbed semi-trailer series is applicable for the transportation of many kinds of mechanical equipment, large object, highway construction equipment, large tank, super elevation container and all kinds of steel materials of wide application and high efficiency.

Detailed introduction

Frame: The space frame construction installed and welded with welded longitudinal beam

, integral run-through cross beam of 16Mn automobile-used steel plate The structure is strong carrying capacity and permanent shape keeping.

Axle: The axle of fine quality produced by professional manufacturers is selected with strong load bearing capacity. It is not easy to be deformed. At the same time, the ABS (anti-lock braking system) of foreign famous brand to reduce the braking distance which effectively prevents the sideslip and drift and so on from wheel lock during the emergent braking of the vehicle and improves the running safety of the vehicle.

Suspension system: new type of suspension system with unique features, high strength and strong impact resistance; balanced axle load and the reasonable design of the system tie rod angle reducing the instant frictional sliding distance between the tire and the ground, reducing the tire wear and adjust the wheel base simultaneously to avoid the eccentric wear and uneven tire wear during the frequent running bumpy process; The integrative cast axis block with the lower axis block being a patented product.

Braking system: Safe and reliable dual-loop air-break braking system. Energy reserving pump with the parking brake function. Relay valve of reliable performance.

Many kinds of swan-neck structures: Many kinds of swan-neck styles with low bearing surface can satisfy the transportation requirement of different goods.

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