Hydraulic Hammers

Diesel Pile Hammer


  1. Kobe K13 (black) and a Delmag D30 (red). 
  2. MKT DE70B, 42,000 to 59,500 foot pounds, 7,000 pound ram 
  3. MKT DE40, 24,000 to 36,000 foot pounds, 4,000 pound ram weight, 
  4. ICE 70S, 40,000 to 70,000 foot pounds, 7,000 pound ram weight, 
  5. Pileco D12, 15,660 to 31,320 foot pounds, 2,820 pound ram weight, 
  6. Delmag D-22, 39,780 foot pounds,  4,850 pound ram weight, 
  7. Link Belt 520, 26,300 foot pounds, 5,070 pound ram weight, 
  8.  MKT DA35B, 16,000 to 23,800 foot pounds, 2,800 pound ram weight, 
  9. MKT DE-40, 24,000 to 36,000 foot pounds, 4,000 pound ram weight, 
  10. MKT DE70B/50B, 30,000 to 59,500 foot pounds, 5,000 or 7,000 pound ram weight,
  11. Kobelco K25, . Used running condition.
  12. Delmag D30 (True Delmag, Made in Germany),  Used running condition.
  13. D12-32. This hammer is “like new”. It has only been on 2 jobs.

Rizwan Piracha


Hydraulic Breaker,Hydraulic Hammer


With more excellent design, more powerful strike and much lower price EDT 2000 is your best option for your excavator from18-26t, 1 More excellent design, EDT hydraulic breaker has adopted advanced oil loop structure to make it possible to need lesser oil, easy to adjust and higher working efficiency, what's more, the whole machine was applied with optimum design, simplifier structure with few parts, few parts means few problem and easy maintainence As the result of the application of new material, the parts get higher intensity and fatigue endurance, the outside frame adopt wearable high strenth steel plate, it will not only enhance production druability and life time, but also enhances the working efficiency 2 More powerful strike, compare other brand breakers, EDT professional hydraulic breaker(Rock breaker) will be of the more powerful strike because of the application of strick machining requirement to import slide parts, lesser tolerance and fewer potential oil leakage. 3 Much lower price, The EDT hydraulic breaker with ISO, CE and AEM certificate will give you a super surprise price. bruce.xue@hotmail.com

For sale diesel hammer and drop hammer

Location: Philippines

Diesel hammer and drop hammer for sale

* 4 units of Deisel Hammer flying leads
  for sale
* and 3 units of drop Hammers with leads;

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