Pile Driving Equipment

sell Pile driver hinged SP-49D and SP-49DM

Location: Russia

Pile driver hinged SP-49D and SP-49DM on the basis of tractor T10MB-2121-0 are intended for immersing of 12 metre ferro-concrete and metal piles and slots by diesel hammers SP-6BM or SP-76A. Pile-driver can be completed with the replaceable boring equipment for drilling chinks in diameter to 500 mm depth to 10 m. Max. depth of hammered in pile. - 12,0m. Width - 5045 height - 18465 Overall dimensions in transport position: length 10610 width 4300 height 30,3 The maximum section of a hammered pile, mm - 350x350 The maximum weight of a hammered pile, t - 5 Cross-section change of a start of a mast, m 0,4

Hydraulic static pile driver


Hydraulic static pile driver is a kind of environment friendly foundation equipment,its hydraulic cylinders drive the machine longitudinal and lateral movement,rotation, pile hoisting, and press the prefabricated spun pile or square pile into the ground.


With no noise, no vibration, no pollution, high piling efficiency, and excellent piling quality, it has wide application to press piles, the piles can be spun pile, square pile, H pile, sheet pile, and other precast pile. The specifications range from 80 to 1200 tons piling press to suit different conditions and customers. 

  Hydraulic system is the core value and key point of our dtz series hydraulic static pile driver,in order to provide the qualified and most reliable products to our customer,all the hydraulic parts are from the top hydraulic parts maker with high quality,together with our unique design and processing methods to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system and high reliablity.In addition,based on our long term experience,we developed patented technologies to produce the indeal solutions for customer.

Patent No:ZL200820053664.4    

Clamping jaw self-adaptive device

Patent No:ZL200820053665.9

Pile clamping force and piling force synchronous control technology

Patent No:ZL200820053663.X

Steady final piling press device

Patent No:ZL200820053666.3

Machine lifting warning device 

Email:nhmgroup001 at 163 doct com 

brand new diesel pile hammer

Location: China

Brand new diesel pile hammer, adopted Delmag technology and with our updated improvement, air cooling type. 

pls contact for more details. 



Delmag D22 diesel hammer


Want to buy an used, and in working conditions, Delmag D22 diesel hammer

Diesel Hammer

Location: Singapore

Brand new water cool diesel pile hammer, SK25. SK35  all enquiry are wellcome

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