Platform Lift Trucks

aerial work platform truck

Location: China

工作台/Platform 吊钩/Hook 最大额定载荷/Max rated load 200kg 最大起吊高度/Max lifting height 9.5m 最大作业半径/Max working radius 8m 最大起吊重量/Max lifting weight 1000kg 最大作业高度/Max working height 18m 外形尺寸/Dimensions 7750x2200x3300mm 支腿/Out rigger leg 横向跨距/Lateral span 3250mm 臂架/Boom 调整/Adjustment 单独可调/spearate adjustment 型式/Model 折臂式/articulating boom lift 上臂最大升角/Max upper boom lifting angle 70 底盘/Chassis 下臂最大升角/Max lower boom lifting angle 70 乘员人数/person capacity 3 回转角度/Rotation angle 360

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