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Tractor Trailer: DAF XF 95.480

Location: United Kingdom

Mileage: 725000km Power: 480HP Euro: 3 Engine: power - 480HP(353kW), euro - 3. Brakes: ABS, DEB. Cabine: power steering, heater, air conditioner, lift seats, radio, refrigerator, tachograph, powered windows, powered mirrors. Spoilers, fog lights, sun visor.

KAMAZ 53215-0500052-13 board car

Location: Russia

KAMAZ 53215-0500052-13  board car    
Wheel formula: 6x4. 
Curb weight 8500 kg
Load capacity 11000 kg
Full weight 19650 kg
Gross weight of trailer 14000 kg.
Full weight of road train 33650 kg.
The engine 740.31-240 (euro 2)
Type of engine: diesel with turbocharging,
with intercooled turbocharged air.
Nominal power: 165 kW (225 h.p.)
Capacity of fuel tank: 500 l.
Gearbox: mechanic, 9-speed.
 Wheels and tires: Type of wheels: disc,
Size of a hoop 7,  5-20 (190-508),
Tire sizes 10.00 R20 (280 R508).
Maximum speed at least 90 km/h.
Angle of lift bridge at least 25 %.
Outer turning radius, m: 9, 8.
Year of manufacture-new.
Additional information on request.

KAMAZ 55111 dump truck 6x4.

Location: Russia

KAMAZ 55111 dump truck
Wheel formula: 6x4. 
Load capacity: 13000
Gross weight of automobile: 22400
Full weight of trailer 12800
Curb weight 9250. Model of the engine: 740, 31-240 (euro 2).
Type of the engine: diesel, turbo with ONB.
The engine power: 165 (225 h.p.)
Gearbox: mechanic, remote. 10-speed.
Fuel tank: 350 l. Maximum speed 90 km/h.
Wheels: size of wheels:7,5-20(190-508),
Tires:  10,00R20(280R508), type of tires: pneumatic,chamber.
Type of wheels disc.
Running characteristics: Most gradeability: 25,
Outside turning radius: 9.
Characteristics of dumper: tipper platform,
volume of platform 6.6 m3 Direction of discharge back.
Angle of lift bridge 60 degrees.
Year of manufacture-new.
Additional information on request.

KAMAZ 45143 agricultural, board car

Location: Russia

KAMAZ 45143 agricultural, board car
Wheel formula: 6x4.  Curb weight: 9.25 t.
Gross weight: 19.35 t.  Lifting capacity: 10 t.
Engine type 740.31-240.Engine power: 240 h.p.
Number of cylinders: 8. Fuel tank: 210 l.
Body volume: 15,4 m3.  
Year of manufacture-new.
Additional information on request.

Truck KAMAZ 53228-0501990-13 6x6

Location: Russia

KAMAZ  53228-0501990-13  chassis
Wheel formula: 6x6 
Type of the engine: diesel 740.31-240 EURO-2.
The engine power: 240 h.p.  Fuel consumption: 32 l.
Gearbox: mechanic, 10 speed.
Adherence: friction, 2-disc.
Maximum load capacity: 15570 kg.
Curb weight:   8280 kg. Maximum weight:  24000 kg.
Overal dimensions, mm:
(length x width x height)   7850-8895 x 2500 x 3245.
Maximum speed at least 80 km/h. Tire sizes: 11.00R20
Year of manufacture-new.
Additional information on request.

Low speed wharf tractor

Location: China

  The low-speed tractor is a new type of tractor developed by our company for short distance transportation in the wharf and steel works and so on. It adopts the advanced assembly technology including Allison full auto gear shift, full hydraulic steering, one-side cab, engine of EURO II emission and air spring-seat chair and so on. It is especially applicable for the short distance and low speed transportation mode in the wharf. It is also the ideal equipment for road transportation replacing railway transportation in steel works.

Sell HOWO tractor truck


SINOTRUK HOWO 6X4 Tractor Truck
Model: ZZ4257S3241V
Drive Type: 6X4
Cab: HW79
Engine: SINOTRUK 371HP at 2200 rpm; Euro II; 4 stroke direct injection diesel engine; 6 cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging & intercooling; Displacement: 9.726L
Gear Box: HW19710, 10 forward and 2 reverse
Steering: ZF8098, hydraulic steering with power assistance
Rear Axles: ST16, pressed axle housing, central single reduction with planetary wheel reduction (hub reduction), and different locks between wheels and axles
Tire: 12.00-20 (12.00R20 optional)
With: Safety belt
With: A/C
With: Two Bunks

we supply various dump trucks/tipper truck, tractor trucks, semi-trailers, cargo trucks, concrete mixer trucks, bulk cement tankers, water tankers, fuel tankers, garbage truck, fire fighting trucks, other specialized vehicles and their spare parts.

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