The semitrailer-tank mod. 964612
Location: Russia

Manufacturer: Other

Price negotiated The semitrailer-tank mod. 964612 (STT-24-93866) is intended for transportation and time storage, light mineral oil. Chassis MAZ-93866 The wheel formula 2 / 8 Construction - Frame Section case Tank material - a steel 09G2С Capacity nominal, l - 24000 Thickness of a wall of the tank, mm - 4 Quantity of independent compartments - 8000, 8000, 8000 Chassis MAZ -93866 wheel 2/8 Volume 24m3 Also we can offer You: semitraler-tank for light mineral oil volume18-45 m3 trailer-tank volume 8-20 m3 bowser volume 6-20m3 auto tank for condensed hydrocarbon gas volume 8-20m3 trailer-tank for condensed hydrocarbon gas volume 10-47m3 auto tank for carbonic acid volume 4-8m3 tank for liquid varbon dioxide volume 8-22m3 mounting for long storage for carbonic acid volume 2-50m3 trailer tank for ammonia volume 4m3 semi-trailer tank for ammonia auto-tank for organic fertilizer volume 20-21m3 soil-cultivating unit semi-trailer tank for darm mineral oil volume 20-38 According to your requests to technical requirements we can offer you commercial offer

Price: 1

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