Truck KAMAZ 43118-0401017-13 6x6.
Location: Russia

Manufacturer: Other

KAMAZ 43118-0401017-13  chassis
Wheel formula: 6x6. Engine power: 240 h.p.
Engine type: diesel 740.31-240 EURO-2.
Fuel consumption: 33 l. Gearbox: mechanic, 10 speed.
Adherence: friction, 2-disc.
Maximum load capacity: 12 000kg.
Curb weight: 8600 kg. Maximum weight: 20 750 kg.
Overal dimensions, mm:
(length x width x height) 8535 x 2500 x 3345.
Maximum speed at least 90 km/h
Year of manufacture-new.
Additional information on request.

Price: 37219

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