36"x50' (40'/10' fold) stationary stackers

Location: China

- Lattice type frame made of 3"x3"(3/8" flange)angle iron. - 40'+20' sections for length 60', 40'+10' for length 50', coupled by pin & hinge for easy assembling - Maximum length per section is 40-42'. - Dodge type gearbox. - 12"wing self-clean tail puylley, 14" lagged head pulley. - 3 ply cotton backed rubber belting(3.5+1.5 vulcanized rubber), with belt cleaner(counter weight type). - The gear reduction drive is one we source locally with same properties as a Dodge Type 5. - The motor is also sourced locally. Specs are 11kw power, 22.3A, 88% efficiency, 1460rpm, explosive proof class F, dust/environment proof class IP54. - There are end wipes included in the form of counterweight type belt cleaner (we could do spring type at additional cost) - The trough rollers are 35 degree 5 inch diameter heavy duty rollers. Return rollers are also 5 inch diameter. The ones located at the drop area of the conveyor are rubber coated. - The material used in the construction is new mild angle irons. - Guards are included for motor and gearbox/pulleys. We can add additional guards if you want but at additional costs. - Bearings are sourced locally with head and tail pulleys using 2 and 15/16 pillow block bearings. - Paint is regular industrial paint over primer. Colour could be of your choosing. - 4 sets will fit into 1 45' HQ container.

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