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To register you agree to be legally bound by the Laws of the Republic of The Philippines and Pertaining International Laws and the Service Agreement (SA) implemented by Komatpillar.com. This SA may be updated or changed without prior notice.

You are hereby subject to guidelines or rules applicable to such services that may be placed from time to time.


Komatpillar.com provides services for people within the construction industry. By using the free features of Komatpillar, heavy equipment suppliers will be able to find buyers online, and buyers will be able to find their required machineries online.

Sellers, owners, suppliers, or dealers of heavy equipment can advertise their products by posting advertisements under the respective available categories: Equipment For Sale; Equipment For Rent; Parts For Sale; Dismantled Machines For Sale; Attachments For Sale; Equipment Wanted For Buy / Rent; Heavy Equipment Auctions; and, Ships / Vessels / Ferries / Boats.

Suppliers or advertisers are responsible to provide complete contact details for their possible buyers.

Transactions between the sellers of the equipment and the buyers are their own responsibilities. Komatpillar is not reliable for any transactions between the buyers and the sellers, may it be successful or not.

Komatpillar does not ask for any percent or margin from any of the transactions between the buyers and the sellers. Each one of them can contact each other directly because contact information are provided on the web.

Komatpillar is not responsible for the credibility, accuracy, and truthfulness of the content of the advertisements posted by the advertisers on the web.


You agree to:
Provide true, accurate, and reliable information when posting your advertisemnets on Komatpillar.com. Not spam. Spamming is strictly prohibited in this site. Spamming includes posting ads that are the same in content, or using the private message feature to send people messages not related to their advertisements. If any member violates this rule, komatpillar has the right to delete their advertisement, or to suspend their account if the spamming activity didn't stop. Delete your posts that are already sold out, or auctions that are already finished. Komatpillar.com has the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time without notice. Use of adult, offensive, libelous, threatening, harassing material/language/photos makes You criminally liable.

It is understood by you that, providing your personal information on the internet exposes you to certain risks as a consequence of doing so. Komatpillar.com is not responsible for any actions taken by party/parties arising from the use or misuse of the information you have provided herein. You hereby hold Komatpillar.com free from any criminal or civil liability what so ever for any actions arising from your registering and subsequent use of the service.


Komatpillar.com respects the right and privacy of its member and will not share your identity to any user without your consent. However Komatpillar.com is not liable for any libelous, threatening, harassing or offensive material contained therein for whatever reason.

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