The semitrailer-tank mod. 960931
Location: Russia

Manufacturer: Other

Price negotiated The semitrailer-tank mod. 960931 is intended for transportation of liquid ammonia from base warehouses to end warehouses, chemicalixation points, and also to field capacities and refueller, and can be used as field intermediate capacity. Weight of the equipped semitrailer, kg: 15000 Full weight of the semitrailer, kg: 32000 Weight of transported gas, kg, Not more then 17000 Overall dimensions, mm: Length: 11500 Width: 2500 Height: 3500 Quantity of axes/wheels 3 / 6 Also we can offer You: semitraler-tank for light mineral oil volume18-45 m3 trailer-tank volume 8-20 m3 bowser volume 6-20m3 auto tank for condensed hydrocarbon gas volume 8-20m3 trailer-tank for condensed hydrocarbon gas volume 10-47m3 auto tank for carbonic acid volume 4-8m3 tank for liquid varbon dioxide volume 8-22m3 mounting for long storage for carbonic acid volume 2-50m3 trailer tank for ammonia volume 4m3 semi-trailer tank for ammonia auto-tank for organic fertilizer volume 20-21m3 soil-cultivating unit semi-trailer tank for darm mineral oil volume 20-38 auto tank for food liquids volume 4-18m3 semi-trailer tank for chemical liquids volume 22-28m3 semi-trailer for cement volume 25-34m3 vessel for condensed hydrocarbon gas volume 2.5-20m3 According to your requests to technical requirements we can offer you commercial offer

Price: 1

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