KAMAZ 45141 dump truck 9 t 6x6
Location: Russia

Manufacturer: Other

KAMAZ  45141 dump truck 9 t
Wheel formula: 6x6 Gross weight: 20750 kg.
Curb weight: 11100 kg. Front axle load: 5500 kg.
Type of the engine: diesel, turbo 740,13-260 EURO-1.
Number and arrangement of cylinders: 8, V-shaped.
Working volume: 10850 cm3. The engine power: 260 h.p.
 Maximum torque: 931 Nm.
Gearbox: mechanic, remote, 10 speed.
Adherence: Diaphragm, dry, 2-disc,
mod.17, hydraulic with pneumatic booster.
Type of wheels: disc.
Size of wheels: 12,2-20,9(310-533).
Tires:  425/85R21(1260х425-533р).
Type of tires: Pneumatic with pressure adjustment.
Fuel tank, 210+210 l. Maximum speed, km/h 80.
The largest set of negotiable, not less,% 28
Outside turning radius, m 11,5
Loading capacity 9000 kg
Platform capacity, m3 6.6
Platform lifting angle, deg 50
Time of discharge, s 19
Lowering time of the platform, s 18
The direction of discharge back
Voltage 24
Generator 28/1000
Year of manufacture-new.
Additional information on request.

Price: 44417

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